5 ways to make your employees happier at work

In any company, the qualifications and skills of your staff play a huge role in your business’s success. But even if an employee has lots of experience in their field and is highly qualified, how do you keep them motivated and productive at work?

One of the best ways to do this is to help them improve their general happiness in the workplace. If you’re a small or medium business, here are five ways to do this:

1. Help create a good work/life balance.

Things like flexi-time, generous paid time off, having the option to work from home and being able to leave the office to run personal errands are all things that you as a company can do to make your employees feel like their personal life is important. An employee who has time for their family, friends, and leisure activities is much less likely to be resentful and feel that their job takes up all of their time and energy.

2. Encourage communication.

How you as a company structure your teams and departments’ internal feedback system is very important in keeping communication transparent and open. So for example, implementing a system where employees can give feedback about their boss to someone higher up in the chain is a good way of preventing resentment from building up. And the less resentment there is, the less frustration there is too, which is a huge blocker to feeling happy and content at work.

3. Recognise your employees’ achievements.

If one of your employees does an exceptional job on a project, reward them– even if it’s just verbal praise. If you can, do this publicly so that they have peer recognition too. The more valued an employee feels, the more likely they are to succeed in future. As well as the big successes, it’s also important to recognise when your employees improve in a particular area of their job. Annual performance reviews are a good place to do this, but you can also have your managers give this feedback in a more regular, informal way.

4. Break from routine.

No matter how interesting a job is, there will always be a certain amount of routine involved, which can result in boredom. Inject spirit and energy into your workers by setting aside time for team building activities every few months. Whether it’s an external conference, a paintballing day or a team lunch, all these can help to foster team building and connection among employees.

5. Encourage health and fitness.

Physical wellness affects your state of mind at work, which means that the fitter and healthier your employees are, the more likely they are to be happier in the workplace. As an employer, you can help support this by providing things like wellness days to help your employees get into a routine of healthy eating, exercising and stress relief. You could also implement internal company health challenges such as participating as a group in a running or cycling race.

Happy employees mean productive employees, which always benefit you as the business owner. As one of the key cornerstones to happiness at the workplace, your employees’ health should be a priority. Fedhealth has a great range of medical aid options plus corporate wellness offerings to ensure your staff’s health is taken care of and managed in the best way.

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