Why businesses should use Google Hire?

Google has changed everything – they’re not just a search engine anymore.

They’re a way to communicate (email), store information (Google Drive), figure out how to get from A to B (Google Maps) or promote your product (Google AdWords). But did you know that they can now also help you find your perfect candidate for a job? Let’s talk about Google Hire.

Launched in 2017, Google Hire uses the power of the entire Google Suite to make the hiring process more streamlined, quicker, and more cost effective. With its reams of clunky forms and outdated processes, recruitment has not been known for its innovative approach as an industry, and Hire hopes to change all of that.

Designed for small to medium-sized businesses, Hire will help you schedule interviews, keep track of candidates, and even have initial conversations with potential recruits. It also encourages collaboration between team members in a company, so that hiring decisions can be completed quicker.

You’ll be pleased to know that Hire was not created on a whim. Extensive research and user testing (by real-life companies) has gone into its development, with the aim being to design an experience that is really useful for recruiters and employers.

How does it work?

Picture a dashboard where different parties can all view who has applied for a role, where they are in the recruitment process, plus make notes on each candidate for your own records. You can read their CVs, view their Linkedin profiles and then approve or reject their application with a simple click. Applicants can be sent a standard “rejection letter” that you’ve previously approved, with their name and other appropriate details inserted. You can also schedule to send the letter at a later date.

Under a comments section, you can discuss each applicant with other members in your organisation, enabling easy collaboration and swifter decisions.

How much does it cost?

Unlike Gmail, Google Hire will come along with a cost, and this will vary depending on company size. According to this article, it will cost $2400 per year for up to 50 employees, $4800 for up to 100 and $12000 forper year for 250 employees (the highest charge). This is apparently similar to competitors’ products, such as SmartRecruiters and JobScore. It’s also important to know that users must already be users of G-Suite, Google’s collection of other services.

Can anyone in the world use it?

Unfortunately not. At this stage, you need to be a US-based company, with less than 1000 employees. However, it’s worth knowing about Google Hire in case it is rolled out to other countries soon, or so you can check if there is a similar offering available to your organisation.

Technology can be a tool that empowers organisations and helps us make better decisions, so it makes sense that it should be utilised more often in the human resources industry as well.

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