How to fast-track your way up the corporate ladder

Want that promotion? Getting the job done, and done well, is non-negotiable when it comes to career success, but there are other areas you can focus on to help you secure your next big promotion.

A successful career requires more than knowledge and raw talent. Climbing the career ladder won’t be the result of one action or decision. For most of us, it is the result of daily practices and behaviours; as you develop skills and traits that you once lacked, those around you will recognise your development and reward your work.

We have a few simple, straight forward, career enhancing hacks:

• Show up. 80% of success is showing up. Getting to your job on time and being prepared for the day will earn you the reputation of someone who can be counted on.

• Assume success. Show that you can lead by positive example. Smile; this could very well separate you from the pack. Your employer is bound to take note of your attitude, whatever it is. A negative attitude might hold you back as your employer might decide that while your work is good, your attitude isn’t good for company morale.

• Dream beyond the job description. Don’t be limited by your job description. Be willing to do what others are not. Be innovative. Do whatever is assigned to you, then ask what else you can do. Help wherever you can, whenever you can, however you can. Show a willingness to put in the extra hours without complaint.

• Take initiative. Don’t wait to be told to do something that you know will eventually be assigned to you. Instead just do it. You’ll be labelled as a self-starter capable of taking on more responsibility.

• Become a resource. Always come to the table with a solution. Up-skill yourself. Stay updated and relevant. Study, read and follow the industry leaders wherever they are active. Recommend effective solutions to issues; make sure that the leadership team will rely on you and include you in future projects.

• Help others. Everyone needs someone to teach them the ropes. Be that person! It will not go unnoticed.

• Be a team player. Share the spotlight. Employers and bosses look closely at the way employees work within the rest of the team. Humility is an attractive quality. As you begin to earn the accolades, be sure to share it with your team. It will show a level of maturity deserving of a chance to lead.

• Dress to impress. We live in a visual society. Dress for the position you want.

• Network, network, network. Establish and maintain professional relationships within your workplace. Show a genuine interest in the lives and work of those around you.

• Maintain your health. Eat healthy, exercise and sleep enough in order to have more energy, better focus and less stress.

Bottom line: The size of your success is only limited by the size of your thinking. Good luck!

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